I am Soes Sagoenie.

I had difficulty breathing and felt feverish for several years.

As a result, I found it hard to perform simple everyday tasks like going up the stairs.I experienced a lot of weakness. I struggled with the illness for over fifteen years, had a lot of prednisone, got injected each week for four years, and went in and out of the hospital on countless occasions. After experiencing almost no progression despite all of these efforts, I got fed up.

Now I have no heavy chemical medicine and no injection,what I had for years every week an injection, like chemo.When I had cured myself, I take a look after 3 months on internet if there are much more people struggling from shortness of breath.

I was shocked when I saw there are more than 334 millions of people struggling worldwide.

Every day people are dying because they cannot breath freely and the dying numbers are getting higher and higher. I want to help and have improvement. 

After 3 days massage some people start having improvement. Some people needs to use my oil for 1 week every day, every night before going to bed and some people needs more time.People have to use my oil very warm, as warm as possible, in the upper body (the lung section, the chest and the back).

Because of the warmth the mucus/plaque starts loosens from the respiratory tubes and so they’d breath freely day by day and the symptoms went away.

The plaque in the respiratory tubes is the biggest problem and I say that we have to tackle the plaque at the source!  

Are you ready to breath more freely now!

  • The symptoms go away.
  • It enables you to breath better, feel better by allowing the free flow of air into and out of your respiratory tubes.
    You can rest well during the day and sleep better at night.
  • The oil is easy to use.
  • My oil is 100 percent natural.
  • My oil works.

Do you want to breathe more freely as well?
You just warm it up, massage it on your chest,back (upper body) and breathe !
Get the massage oil and experience how it feels to have an oil that works!


Find below the testimonials from individuals who have used my massage oil

“A while back, we used the massage oil from Soes Sagoenie.
I mean my children and I. We all suffered from asthma and bronchitis for years.
Today, we experience no trouble. We are grateful to Soes. “

---D.J Koen

“I have been suffering from asthma and bronchitis since my childhood
and the past couple of weeks, I’ve visited Soes and received her massage.
Through her massage, I could sleep well again, and I felt good the next day.
I no longer experience respiratory distress and shortness of breath.
Till this day, I still feel good.”

---Cheryl A. K

“My mom, Mrs Kolai, had been short of breath for 40 years.
My mom is also a smoker. I’ve met Mrs Sagoenie. I have to say that my mother
has used the massage oil. She is well now. The cold is gone, and she can breathe easily.
She does not use her Ventolin inhalations anymore.”

---S. Soek

“For 15 years, I have suffered from asthma. I’ve massaged myself.
Now I have no more complaints.”

---M. Matubadal

“I had suffered very long from asthma. The massage oil has helped me.”

---S. Manna

“Hi Soes. I have no complaints anymore! It works great!!
Unfortunately, my massage oil ran out! Perfect, thank you so much. Regards.”


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